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The trademark of Yinzhu brand and its logo has accredited China Famous Trademark by Trademark Evaluation Committee of SICB.

Nylon Textile Yarn of Yinzhu Brand has awarded China Famous Brand Product by State Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

The trademark of YINGLONG brand and its logo has accredited Liaoning Famous Trademark by Trademark Evaluation Committee of Liaoning ICB.






The brand of YINGLONG is the leading product of Yinzhu Group, It is popular in the market with its high quality and reputation. It is characterized on super fine count and multifilament semi-dull products, e.g. 78dtex/52f, 78dtex/68f, 69dtex/68f, 78dtex/23f, 44dtex/34f and 31dtex/10f, etc., which are applied in the fields of hosiery & socks, apparel, sports suits and decoration clothing, etc.


The brand of BRITELON is series of bright products promoted by Yinzhu Group. It is characterized on being bright and smooth, glittering and translucent, durable, luxurious and elegance, they are mainly on moderate and high tenacity yarns, e.g. 76dtex/23f, 235dtex/34f, 110dtex/34 and 265dtex/34f, etc., which are applied in the fields of T-shirts, top quality apparels & decorations and industry use of sewing thread, boxes and safety belts, etc.



ECLON is one of the brands of Yinzhu Group. It presents series of full-dull products, e.g. 78dtex/52f, 78dtex/68f, 64dtex/68f and 44dt/34f, etc., It is characterized on elegance, comfortable, soft, antibacterial and dioprotection, like second-skin of human being, which is applied in top quality and fashion fields of apparels, underwear and decoration clothing, etc.




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