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Nylon 66 DTY Textured Yarn

        Varieties of modern texturing machines realize 8,000tons of annual capacity of Nylon 66 DTY with high performance quality by adopting European production standard. The counts are from 15dtex to 110dtex, multifilament super fine count yarns are among them, i.e. 31/2344/3469/6864/6878/5278/68 with high and low elasticity under the control of on-line tensor. All the products go through the inspection of physical tester for physical property and circular knitting for dyeing grade before supplying to customers. With the development of PA fiber technology, differential fibers of trilobal fiber and full dull fiber provide competition for the company to be growing in the market, out of which, full dull PA66 fiber is an innovation in domestic, which granted State Innovation Patent and Award of Scientific Technology and Award of Excellent New Product of Liaoning Province.


Nylon66 DTY  
 Specification Cross Section     Luster   Shape Twist
17dtex/7f  Round   SD  Bobbin S&Z
17dtex/7f/2  Round   SD  Bobbin  
22dtex/7f  Round   SD   Bobbin S&Z
22dtex/10f  Round  SD   Bobbin  
31dtex/10f Round   SD   Bobbin S&Z
31dtex/10f/2 Round   SD  Bobbin  
31dtex/23f Round   SD   Bobbin S&Z
31dtex/23f/2 Round   SD  Bobbin  
44dtex/13f  Round  SD  Bobbin S&Z
44dtex/13f/2  Round  SD  Bobbin  
44dtex/34f  Round   SD  Bobbin S&Z
44dtex/34f/2 Round   SD   Bobbin  
44dtex/34f Round   SD   Bobbin S&Z
44dtex/34f/2 Round  SD   Bobbin  
44dtex/46f Round   SD   Bobbin S&Z
44dtex/46f/2 Round  SD   Bobbin  
64dtex/23f/2  Round   SD   Bobbin S&Z
64dtex/23f  Round   SD  Bobbin  
72dtex/23f Round  SD  Bobbin S&Z
72dtex/23f/2  Round   SD  Bobbin  
78dtex/23f Round  SD  Bobbin S&Z
78dtex/23f/2  Round  SD  Bobbin  
78dtex/34f  Round  SD  Bobbin S&Z
78dtex/34f/2 Round   SD  Bobbin  
78dtex/52f Round   SD  Bobbin S&Z
78dtex/52f/2 Round   SD   Bobbin  
78dtex/68f Round   SD   Bobbin S&Z
78dtex/68f/2 Round   SD   Bobbin  
78dtex/68f  Round  SD  Bobbin S&Z
78dtex/68f/2  Round   SD   Bobbin  
110dtex/34f  Round   SD  Bobbin S&Z
110dtex/34f/2 Round   SD  Bobbin  
110dtex/46f Round   SD  Bobbin S&Z
110dtex/46f/2 Round   SD  Bobbin  
110dtex/68f  Round   SD  Bobbin S&Z
110dtex/68f/2 Round  SD  Bobbin  


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