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  Aug. 1974, preparation for establishment;
  Nov. 1975, state officially approved the project and set up YCFF Project Office;
  Jun, 1976, Opening Ceremony for starting the project and construction started;
  Sep. 1980, named the company -Yingkou Chemical Fiber Factory(YCFF);
  May 1982, test run for 1st Line succeed in one time;
  Jun.1986, construction of YCFF was accepted and put into operation officially by state;
  Dec. 1989, reached the designed annual capacity of 8,000tons;
  Feb. 1999, established JV-Yingkou Yinglong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd with Rhodia France;
  May 2004, equity restructured and established Liaoning YInzhu ChemTex Group Co., Ltd;
  Oct. 2006, Yinzhu® products awarded China Famous Brand Product;
  Oct. 2010, Yinzhu® was certified with China Famous Trademark;


Liaoning Yinzhu Chem-Tex Group Co., Ltd