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Nylon 66 DTY

Varieties of modern texturing machines realize 8,000tons of annual capacity of Nylon 66 DTY with high performance quality by adopting European production standard. The counts are from 15dtex to 110dtex, multifilament super fine count yarns are among them, i.e. 31/23、44/34、69/68、64/68、78/52、78/68......

Nylon 66 FDY

With the unique technology and equipment for Nylon 66 LOY-FDY normal, medium and high tenacity yarn, our annual capacity is 1,000tons. Our medium and high tenacity FDY plays an important advantage in industry. The tenacity property of high tenacity FDY can reach over 70cn/dtex. We have high speed spinning FDY equipment and technology by one-step, as well, the annual capacity is 500tons......

Nylon 66 Heat Resistant Elastic Weft Yarn

Our Nylon 66 elastic weft yarn is specialized for producing tyre cord. With the properties of high melting point, high elongation and high tenacity of Nylon 66, it is modified to be the heat resistant yarn. It keeps its property well under 240℃ with air. The nylon 66 heat resistant yarn is the heart yarn covered by cotton, and then to be produced to elastic weft yarn by international advanced technical process. The physical .....

Nylon Staple

We have one set of staple line and two sets of granulating lines. One of granulating lines is from Austria. The main products are Nylon66 staple fiber and Nylon recycling chips, out of which, Nylon66 Heat Resistant Anti-oxygen Staple Fibers awarded Progress Prize in Scientific & Technology granted by Textile Industrial Association. The annual capacity of staples is 500tons and recycling chips is 1,000tons......

Functional Anti-Bacterial Yarns

Following on the social requirement to high performance fiber and constant development of our company, functional nylon fibers, i.e. antibacterial, anion and anti-UV have been produced successfully by modifying the key equipment and process. Out of which, nylon antibacterial has complete independent intellectual property and awarded Scientific Improvement of Liaoning Province and Excellent New Product of Liaoning Province......

Nylon Twisted Yarns

Nylon 6 DTY

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